Agricultural company "Hermes"
Production of organic fertilizers based on vermicompost.

Kitchen gardeners

Effect of humic preparations on vegetables, fruit plants and grape:
  • seed germination increase;
  • root system stimulation, young plants and sprouts survival rate increase;  
  • yield increase up to 30%;
  • quality improvement: increase in content of sugars, vitamins and marketability improvement;
  • better stability against stress conditions (drought, drastic temperature drops etc.);
  • natural processes’ forcing;
  • humus formation, soil structure improvement;
  • mineral fertilizers and chemical weed and pest killers application rates reduction;   
  • ecological compatibility of products: reduction of nitrates, heavy metals  and radioactive nuclides content.

Solid fractions: "Humivit" biohumus (vermicompost), "Humigran" granules made from biohumus, "Dostatok" tablets
  • application in soil when cultivating or plowing;
  • local application in soil when sowing with a fertilizer distributor of a seeding machine;
  • planting sprouts, seedlings, saplings:  into furrows and holes;
  • as a substrate in cassettes for seedlings (sprouts) growing;
  • potting soil component for indoor plants.

Pasty preparation "Humipas"

  • root system soak
  • a component of the mash (planting mixture made from water, soil and the product);
  • root feeding for sprouts, saplings, fructiferous plants, herbs and flowers.  
Liquids: "Humisol-super", " Humisol-super " with biogenic elements

  • application in soil: spraying with simultaneous closing up in soil or with the help of a plant feeding unit (machine on field);
  • pre-sowing seed and planting stock treatment;
  • root feedings: for surface and drip irrigation;
  • as the substrate component in hydroponics growing;
  • foliar feeding (spraying) of plants in growing season.

Liquid: "Humiam"

  • pre-sowing seeds and planting stock treatment;
  • root feeding: for surface and drip irrigation;
  • as the substrate component in hydroponics growing;
  • foliar feeding (spraying) of plants in growing season.