Agricultural company "Hermes"
Production of organic fertilizers based on vermicompost.

Carrot, root celery, parsnip

It is advisable to use humic fertilizers containing macro- and microelements when growing these crops. Using such fertilizers not only increases productivity and improves quality, but also strengthens the immunity and makes for better storage.

  1. Pre-sowing seed treatment
  2. young growth
  3. formation of edible roots

- root treatment

- foliar treatment









Humisol-super 06


Humiam    05

With simultaneous closing up into soil

30-50 l/100 m2

8 l/100 m2

4 l/100 m2

2 l/100 m2

2 l/100 m2

2,5 l+200 l of water/100 m2


100 l of water for 100 m2

Soaking seeds  8-12 hours


8 ml/100 g of seeds

4 ml/100 g of seeds

2 ml/100 g of seeds

2 ml/100 g of seeds


2 ml/200 ml of water/100 g of seeds

200 ml of water for 100 g seeds

Root treatments (watering and drip irrigation)
2-3 times*


1,6-2,4 l/100 m2

0,8-1,2 l/100 m2

0,4-0,6 l/100 m2

0,4-0,6 l/100 m2

1,5l+120 l of water/100 m2 (merely

5 ml+200 l of water/100 m2

30-50 l of water for100 m2

Foliar treatments (spraying)
2-3 times



160-240 ml/100 m2

80-120 ml/100 m2

40-60 ml/100 m2

40-60 ml/100 m2


2 ml+5 l of water/
100 m2

4-6 l of water for 100 m2

* Application rates of Humisol-super and Humisol-super 05 can be raised to 1.0  l for 100 m2 in drip irrigation