Agricultural company "Hermes"
Production of organic fertilizers based on vermicompost.


Organic fertilizers made from vermicompost  Humisol, Humisol-extra,  Humisol-super, Humisol-super 05 CUCUMBER, Humiam 04  should be used in certain stages of cucumber development. Those are seed treatment, treatment of sprouts when they are taking roots, foliar treatments before flowering, fruit formation and fruitage. These treatments considerably increase productivity and marketability, at the same time decreasing nitrate content in cucumbers. 

  1. Pre-sowing seed treatment
  2. 3-5 true leaves
  3. budding
  4. ovary formation
  5. fruitage

- root treatment

- foliar treatment









Humisol-super ОГУРЕЦ


Humiam    04

Dostatok   (таблетки)

With simultaneous closing up into soil

30-50 l/100 m2

10 l/100 m2

5 l/100 m2

2,5 l/100 m2

2,5 l/100 m2

3 l + 200 l of water/100 m2



120 l of water for 100 m2

Soaking seeds for  15 hours


8 ml/100 g of seeds

4 ml/100  g of seeds

2 ml/100  g of seeds

2 ml/100  g of seeds


2 мл+200 ml water/100  g of seeds

substrate for seedlings (sprouts) growing

200 ml of water for 100  g of seeds

Soaking seeds for 15 hours


2,4*-4** l/100 m2

1,2*-2** l/100 m2

0,6*-1** l/100 m2

0,6-1** l/100 м2

1,5 l+120 l water/
100 m2 (merely

5 ml+200 l of water/100 m2


50-80 l of water for 100 m2

Root treatments (watering and drip irrigation)
4-5 times


240-400 ml/100 m2

120-200 ml/100 m2

60-100 ml/100 m2

60-100 ml/100 m2


2 ml + 5 l of water/100 m2


6-10 l of water for 100 m2

* Application rates for open field
** Application rates for protected ground and drip irrigation