Agricultural company "Hermes"
Production of organic fertilizers based on vermicompost.


This crop is very exacting to nutrition. The most important stages of its development are the overground mass increases and beginning of bulb formation. Potato plants need maximum nutrients within these stages in particular. In order to help the situation one can use organic fertilizers with growth regulation properties: Humivit, Humisol, Humisol-extra, Humisol-super, Humisol-super 06 POTATO, Humiam 05.

1. preplanting bulb treatment
2. stooling, plant height 7-10 cm
3. budding

1st  foliar treatment
2nd foliar treatment





With simultaneous closing up into soil

preplanting bulb treatment* l/t

1st  foliar treatment (stooling, plant height 7-10 cm)

2nd foliar treatment (budding)


30-50 l/100 m2





6-8 l/100 m2+100 l  of water/100 m2

320 ml for 10 кg bulb

160-240 ml/100 m2
4-6 l of water/100 m2

160-240 ml/100 m2
4-6 l of water/100 m2


3-4 l/100 m2 +100 l of water/100 m2

160 ml + 160 ml of water for 10 кg bulb

80-120 ml/100 m2
4-6 l of water/100 m2

80-120 ml/100 m2
4-6 l of water/100 m2


1,5-2 l/100 m2
100 l of water/100 m2

80 ml +240 ml of water for 10 кg bulb

40-60 ml/100    m2
4-6 l of water/100 m2

40-60 ml/100  m2
4-6 l of water/100 m2

Humisol-super КАРТОФЕЛЬ

1,5-2 l/100 m2
100 l of water/100 m2

80 ml +240 ml of water for 10 кg bulb

40-60 ml/100 m2
4-6 l of water/100 m2

40-60 ml/100    m2
4-6 l of water/100 m2

Humiam 05


5 ml+250 ml  of water for 10 кg bulb

1-2 ml /100    m2
5 l of water/100    m2

1-2 ml/100 m2
5 l of water/100 m2

* Bulbs are sprayed over and covered by a polyethylene film. Do not store treated bulbs for more than 5 days.