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Agricultural company "Hermes"
Production of organic fertilizers based on vermicompost.

Hermes Agri-Company Ltd – a leading manufacturer of organic fertilizers in Ukraine

Hermes Agri-Company Ltd – a leading manufacturer of organic fertilizers in Ukraine

The Company was established in 1990.

It started to work in the fertilizer market in 1995, having gained success and customers' acknowledgement.
The Company’s fertilizers are successfully used in different climatic and soil zones on various agricultural crops.

Humic preparations of diverse origins are rather well introduced in the Ukrainian market. Nevertheless Hermes Agri-Company Ltd preparations are different from the others owing to their specific nature. They are made from biohumus (vermicompost), the product of the cattle manure processing by the Red Californian Worms Eisenia fetida. Worms which live in an upper soil layer (topsoil) are the main suppliers of humus valuable properties. Their vital activity products (coprolites) enrich soils with biologically active substances, forming natural organic fertilizers and making soils fertile.

   Production of liquid preparations is fully automated, which makes for the high-quality end products.

All production stages are given rapt attention: from the basic raw material (vermicompost) production to packing into safe and beautiful packages.

Company’s certified laboratory provides product quality control for all the stages of production. Each batch is not only analyzed both by chemical and microbiological indicators, but is also tested with the help of screenings for the crop responses. Thanks to this, the Company’s products are sure to meet the highest quality requirements.


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