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Ukraine's leading organic fertilizers from vermicompost

Full technology
Humiplus fertilizers

Uniqueness of Humiplus setting it apart from other humic fertilizers

Humiplus preparations go beyond being mere potassium humate derived from peat or lignite. In addition to humic and fulvic acids, vermicompost-based formulations of Humiplus incorporate agronomically beneficial microflora from the red California worm Eisenia fetida, as well as phytohormones, amino acids, vitamins, and beneficial soil bacteria.

These distinctive features make Humiplus fertilizers highly effective complex formulations created by nature itself.

Organic Certification

For 20 years in a row, Humiplus products have confirmed the status of high-quality organic biological preparations certified according to international standards for use in organic farming.

Organic Standard certificates

How Humiplus fertilizers are produced

Key benefits

High profitability

10-30% average yield increase (varies by crop) Optimization of costs for logistics and mineral fertilizers.

Environmental friendliness

Completely natural origin and preservation of the beneficial microflora of the red California worm.

Prolonged action

Humiplus biostimulants actively act in the soil for several years, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Humiplus system

Step 1: soil application / seed treatment

Highly-concentrated humic acid suspension made from vermicompost

Step 2: growth stimulation

Liquid humic acid fertilizer for universal use during crop growth

Step 3: post-harvest treatment

Highly concentrated humic acid suspension for spraying of crop residues immediately after harvest

Results of Humiplus application

Humiplus export

Export Information

Hermes Agri-Company has over two decades of experience in exporting high-quality products.

  • Minimum export lot: 200 kg

  • Packaging: PE bottles (0.5, 1 liter), plastic canisters (5, 10, 20 liters), IBC containers.

  • Terms of delivery: EXW

  • Sales volume for 1H23*: liquid fertilizers - 60 tons, suspension fertilizers - 52 tons

*Reflects temporary reduction in capacity due to relocation to a secure region in Ukraine